Spam and Virus Filtering of Email

  • Stops most spam and viruses
  • Continuously updated
  • Customizable

Stops Most Email Spam and Viruses

For Filtering of Email, BestWeb utilizes a custom Spam and Virus filtering solution powered by award winning software, including SpamAssassin and Maia Mailguard. The solution encompasses proven technologies designed to proactively protect against spam and viruses. The filtering is continuously updated by BestWeb and is effective in stopping most spam and viruses.


The administrative capabilities provide control and flexibility. Email filtering can be delivered on an individual Email address or domain-wide basis. The degree of aggressiveness in filtering can be adjusted and quarantined Email can be reviewed. In addition, white lists (Email from these senders is always passed through) and black lists (everything sent by these senders is considered spam) can be created and edited.


If you own your own Email server, BestWeb will help you defend against spam and viruses for $10.00 per month, per domain. BestWeb can also design, install and maintain an Email server for your organization. Spam and virus filtering is provided free with all BestWeb Email accounts.

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