Content Filtering

  • Allows you to manage the type of web content end-users can access
  • Increases productivity and eliminates time wasting
  • Continuously updated
  • Customizable

Manage Internet Content Access

Content filtering is used by businesses to increase productivity and eliminate time wasting. With content filtering, you can manage content access ports that lead to non-work related sites:

  • Web/FTP requests
  • Search Engines – Denies searches using pre-selected words
  • Newsgroups – Halts access to inappropriate newsgroups by monitoring requests
  • TCP Port Blocking – Useful in filtering services such as Gnutella, Kazaa, and RealPlayer
  • Anonymizers – blocks public proxy services designed to circumvent filtering solutions

Continuously Updated

For Content Filtering, BestWeb utilizes a custom Filtering solution. The filtering comes with a default set of restricted sites that is updated on a daily basis, ensuring that the most up-to-date listing of websites is available for filtering unwanted content.

Custom Profiling

A selective filtering option allows administrators to customize the filtering by category and/or URL. The websites in the database are categorized into over fifty categories that can be selectively blocked. In addition, by adding URLs to one of two lists, specific sites can be passed or blocked. An additional feature provides the ability to select different Internet access criteria for different groups of users. This allows selected users to access categories or sites that others cannot.


The cost of filtering is based on the number of computers receiving filtering.


BestWeb's content filtering costs 30¢ per month, per computer.

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