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Dial-up Access        

BestWeb offers personal dial-up access to the Internet. For one low fee each month, you gain unlimited interactive use of the Internet. There are no peak hours and never a charge beyond our basic flat rate. BestWeb is a local call in most major metro areas throughout the United States, allowing you to use your account at home or when traveling.

What You Get:
Additional Benefits & Service Information
Technical Information


for the first three months
($19.95/month thereafter)

Unlimited Internet access
Six E-mail addresses
20 megabytes of server space
Support for digital and analog connections
Travel access - local access numbers throughout the country
Customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
UNIX Shell Access enabled at your request
WebMail - This web-based e-mail program allows you to check your e-mail from any computers with Internet access.
FTP Account
Usenet Newsgroups - BestWeb carries over 32,000 newsgroups
Spam Filter - Reduce unwanted junk e-mail
Virus Filter - Catch infected e-mail before it reaches your computer
Try BestWeb's service for free!

All personal accounts include a free week that allows you to try our service at no cost. At the end of your free week, your first three months are only $9.95 per month, and then $19.95 per month thereafter. (The $9.95 per month promotion is for new customers only.)

Billing goes month to month and you can cancel your service at any time. We can charge your credit card monthly (all major credit cards accepted) , or you can pay by check, cash, or money order as payment. You can also purchase a year of service for $180/year prepaid, a value which works out to $15/month. Please note that the yearly payment is nonrefundable.

Customer Support

Our Customer Service department, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable technicians, is ready to answer any questions or fix any problem experienced with BestWeb's service. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
With BestWeb's dial-up account, you can go online with speed and dependability, gaining access to all the WWW has to offer, from search engines, to stock quotes, from news to ticket reservations, from online games to message boards or IRC/chat. You can even use AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, or other instant messenger programs!

Additional Benefits & Service Information
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Receive free service! - As a BestWeb customer, you have the opportunity to receive credit toward your account by referring new customers to us. We will credit your account for the monthly value of the referred customer's account. If the customer you refer to us opens a dial-up account, you receive a credit of $19.95, a DSL account brings you a credit of $49.95, and a domain account gives you a $24.95 credit. Just make sure that the person mentions your username when they sign up and, after they have been a member for two months, we will credit your account

Free Web Space - As a BestWeb customer your account includes 20 megabytes of storage space on our server to store a web page for your personal or business use. We have instructions on how to upload your web page in our Customer Support area.

E-mail - In addition to the e-mail address that you get for your dial-up account, you have five additional e-mail addresses available to you at no extra cost. We also offer BestWeb's WebMail (E-mail.bestweb.net), a web based e-mail program allowing you to check your e-mail from any computer with Internet access.

Spam and Virus Filter - We provide a Spam filter to reduce unwanted e-mail messages, as well as a Virus filter to catch infected e-mail before it reaches your computer. Both the Spam filter and the virus filter are free to all Bestweb customers . You can choose to use either or both filters, whichever you prefer. For more information, click here.

Local Call - BestWeb is a local call in most major metro areas throughout the United States, allowing you to use your account at home or when traveling.

Message Board - You can be a part of the BestWeb community by using our message board where you can post questions, comments and even classifieds. Some of the message boards are open to the public while our tech support message board open exclusively to BestWeb customers.
Monthly Giveaways! - Each month we giveaway items such as T-shirts, hats, and free service. To participate in our monthly giveaways, request free BestWeb license plate covers for your vehicle - just click on the license plate link in our menu and follow the request procedure. Once the plate covers are on your vehicle, you are ready to participate. If we spot your car with the BestWeb license plate covers, then you are a winner!

Raffles! - We also raffle off prizes such as tickets to performances, gift certificates for local stores and free meals from area restaurants!

Instant Messenger Programs - Download and use AOL Instant Messenger for free, as well as ICQ or other instant messenger programs. Click here to download any of these progams!

Parental Site Blocking - Guard your children against unwanted websites and questionable content. You can use a free service such as We-blocker to protect against online adult content, violence, drugs and more.

Options - So far everything has been included for free! Here are some options and their costs:
Additional Storage Space in 20Mb increments:
Static IP: $5/month or $45/annual
Single Channel ISDN access: $25/month total
Dual Channel ISDN access: $40/month total

Technical Information
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Performance - BestWeb has an extensive high speed data network connecting BestWeb's points of presence (POPs) with network centers in New York City, Poughkeepsie and White Plains. With a total of 240 Mbps to the Internet backbone. BestWeb provides the throughput necessary to satisfy the most demanding user.

Access - BestWeb dial-up connections are fast and reliable. Ports are state-of-the-art Lucent Portmasters and Ascend TNT Max's. All locations are served by multiple circuits for throughput and redundancy. We maintain a modem ratio of eight to one or better to prevent busy signals. All dial up locations support both analog and digital connections.

Reliability - BestWeb has UNIX servers with critical functions running in parallel to provide high reliability. All equipment is protected by UPS with backup generators. BestWeb's system is monitored twenty-four hours a day.

Support - BestWeb has technical support personnel available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

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