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DSL, or Digital Subscriber Line, gives you an always on high speed connection to the Internet.

$49.95/ Month

(1.5mbps /128 kbps service)

10 E-mail Addresses - use multiple addresses and/or give one to each family member or employee
100 MB of Web Space - store a web page or backup files on our server
Dial-up Service if DSL is Down
Unix Shell Access and FTP
Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Spam Filter - Reduce unwanted e-mail
Virus Filter -  Catch infected e-mail before it reaches your computer

Pricing is for 1.5 mbps /128 kbps service.
See below for pricing on other speeds.


No annual commitment!

No extra fee for more than one computer!

DSL Contract
You can fill out this contract online before printing, signing and sending it to us.

To download and print a DSL contract you need Acrobat Reader.
Click here to download Acrobat Reader for free

There are four plans to choose from:
Download Speed
Upload Speed
All plans include
all of the above features
1.5 mbps
128 kbps
384 kbps
384 kbps
1.5 mbps
384 kbps
768 kbps
768 kbps

One Time Fees
Activation Fee
Ethernet Card For use with PCs*

DSL Modem / Install Kit
(for a single computer)
-or- -or- -or-
DSL Router / Install Kit
(for a small network)
-or- -or- -or-
Purchase equipment myself***

*The external DSL modem requires an ethernet port. Most Macs will already have this port. Most PCs do not. This card is not applicable for laptops. The external DSL router uses an ethernet port on the network hub.

**plus tax and shipping

***If you purchase your own equipment, BestWeb cannot insure compatibility. Bestweb will not install self-purchased equipment.

Several networking companies provide DSL routers which require separate DSL modems to operate. These products include Linksys Broadband (cable/DSL) routers, SMC Barricades and D-Link Internet server/routers. If you choose to purchase your own equipment, find out if the product you are obtaining requires a separate DSL modem. If this is the case, contact us regarding BestWeb-supplied equipment based on your service contract.

Static IP Prices
Number of Static IPs




1 IP


8 IPs
(5 usable)


16 IPs
(13 usable)


32 IPs
(29 usable)


Additional Benefits
Instant Messenger Programs - Download and use AOL Instant Messenger for free, as well as ICQ or other instant messenger programs. Click here to download any of these progams!

Usenet Newsgroups - Choose from over 32,000 newsgroups carried by BestWeb.

E-mail - In addition to the e-mail address that you get with your DSL account, you have twenty-four additional e-mail addresses available to you at no extra cost. We also offer BestWeb's WebMail (E-mail.bestweb.net), a web based e-mail program allowing you to check your e-mail from any computer with Internet access.

Spam and Virus Filter - We provide a Spam filter to reduce unwanted e-mail messages, as well as a Virus filter to catch infected e-mail before it reaches your computer. The Spam and virus filter are free for all Bestweb customers. You can choose to use either or both filters, whichever you prefer. For more information, click here.

Free Service/Referral Program - Receive credit toward your account by referring customers to us.

Message Board - You can be a part of the BestWeb community by using our message board where you can post questions, comments and even classifieds. Some of the message boards are open to the public while our tech support message board open exclusively to BestWeb customers.

Discounted Dial-up - Maintain a dial-up account for only $9.95 per month.

Raffles - We also raffle off prizes such as tickets to performances, gift certificates for local stores and free meals from area restaurants!

Parental Site Blocking - Guard your children against unwanted websites and questionable content. You can use a free service such as We-blocker to protect against online adult content, violence, drugs and more.

How does DSL work?
DSL runs through your already installed phone line, giving you simultaneous access to the Internet and phone calls with just one phone line. You no longer have to disconnect from the Internet to make a phone call - using just one phone line, you can talk on the phone and be on the Internet. DSL even works when your call waiting is enabled. This is possible because DSL separates your data information and your voice and fax information by using different frequencies for each.

Why Choose DSL?

High Speed Access
DSL modems are capable of speeds up to fifty times faster than standard dial-up modems.

Save Money - No Second Telephone Line Needed
If you have installed a second phone line for dial-up access, there is no need to keep it once you have DSL. Cancel it and save money. If this is your first time purchasing connectivity, you can avoid the hassle of installing a second telephone line and the costs associated with it.

Save Time - An Always-On Connection
If your computer is on, so is your Internet connection. You do not need to dial-up or log on each time you want to get online. Your system is always on the Internet, 24 hours a day, with a reliable connection running at speeds many times faster than any dial-up connection can provide.

Reliable Speed
Cable modems offer service over a shared cable. Since bandwidth is shared among all the users connected to this cable line, access speeds will vary, perhaps dramatically. When more people in your neighborhood are on, the slower your connection becomes. With DSL, your computer has a dedicated connection to the Internet - your bandwidth is yours - and your connection speed is not affected by the amount of bandwidth your neighbors use.

With cable modems, requested information destined for your computer is also sent to your neighbors' computers. Their computers are configured to examine these packets of information, determine that they are not intended for their place on the network, and discard them. However, it is simple to change this configuration to "capture the traffic" of other cable users. This means that when you use a cable modem, your neighbors can easily snoop into your Internet requests. DSL, which is a private dedicated connection from you to the network, eliminates this concern.
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